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Hannah Heaton Adhikari (b.2000) 

is a Pianist, Composer, and Private Piano Teacher in Mississippi. She holds B.A. in Music for Piano Performance & Composition, has over a decade of professional experience as a Pianist & Composer, and 5+ years of Teaching Experience. Hannah is affiliated with the Music Teacher's National Association (MTNA), the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), National Association of Composers USA (NACUSA) & with BMI Classical

Hannah Adhikari is currently a Composer, Collaborative, Event, + Nursing Home Pianist, YouTuber, and Full-Time Piano Teacher in her Studio of around 30 students. She regularly composes for herself, materials and piano solos for her Studio, and commissioned musical works. Adhikari's Composition "Around Me," was featured on violinist Serena Scibelli's album "Reflections," in 2021. She most recently released two Solo Piano Albums, "Childhood Memories" and "Trains of Thought" as well as 3 vocal solos, "The Meaning of Christmas" "Sometimes" and "Drowning" streaming now.​

"God speaks to me in Music, and shows me His Truth in Melodies."
- Hannah E. Adhikari

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